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Voice and Leadership

Interactive voice development and successful presentation training by Ekaterina Kardakova

  • speak convincingly
  • become a charismatic speaker
  • have more success in your job and private life

Set and achieve goals

An experienced trainer supports you on your way


Ziel Eins

Talk clearly, loudly and self-confidently


Ziel Zwei

           Keep your audience' attention


Ziel Drei

 Improve                                       your charisma


Ziel Vier

Feel freely and natural in front   of the camera 


Ziel Fünf

Learn to improvise while live presentations


Ziel Sechs

Present your ideas/ products / services  effectively

Soft Skills

Master the use of voice, body language and charisma to achieve your professional and personal goals faster

After training you will be able to ...
  • increase confidence while online and offline presentations
  • strengthen your voice and control your body language
  • improve your charisma
As a charismatic and successful speaker you will have ...
  • new career opportunities
  • faster career advancement
  • efficient team management
  • effortless sales
  • succesful presentations
  • confident presence
  • confidence while taking oral exams
  • successful defense of diplomas and dissertations
With special methods and techniques you ...
  • discover and overcome communication problems 
  • diagnose and work on psychological and physiological blockages of stage anxiety
  • have better nonverbal communication: voice, posture, gestures, facial expressions, voice intonations
  • learn how to work with a camera for online presentations
  • gain confidence and keep your audience’ attention
  • learn to provide meaning and emotions while presentation
  • learn communication techniques for networking events
  • improve improvisation for live online      or offline presentations

Ekaterina Kardakova: an opera singer, a vocal and presentation coach

  • 27 years of stage experience in Europe and Scandinavia
  • studied and worked with the greatest opera divas and performance artists, such as Mirella Freni, Grace Bumbry, Christa Ludwig, Barbara Bonney and others
  • 13 years of trainings in performance and presentation, voice training, charisma development, cross cultural communications
  • The trainer in Mannheim Business School, SAP, BASF, TE Connectivity. Speaker on Women Who Inspire Rhein Main Forum, DVÜD, Websarafan, Skillerate
  • Specialized on business presentations, charisma development, online communication 
  • Website

The workshop participants are excited about their knowledge and skills from the workshop. They become more confident and know how to behave appropriately and convincingly during presentations and speeches

Working method

In order to master the practical skills of speech, it is not enough to know the theory. The training consists of 70% practical exercises to help you learn to apply this knowledge in real situations

For an effective implementation, the material is taught ...

  • individually
  • in pairs
  • in groups

Maximum number of participants is 20

  • Everyone receives personal support from a trainer combined with timely feedback.
  • All participants reach their personal goals and requirements.
Private lesson

If you want to work on your soft skills individually and effectively, then order private lessons

Private lessons with a professional coach will lead you quickly to the desired result:
  • Work individually on your goals (preparation for presentations, performance, etc.)
  • Take lessons anywhere and any time via Skype
  • Work at your own speed
  • Individual coaching
Request a private lesson

Choose the online training format that suits you best:

3 monAte
  • 10 hours (individual training)
  • 1.700 euro
5 monate
  • 18 hours (individual training)
  • 3.060 euro
  • 5 video lessions
  • With homework
  • Personal feedback
  • free 

or the class training / private lesson:

  • from 4 to 8 hours workshop
  • price by agreement per  group
Mini group
  • 6 session à 1,5 h every week      via ZOOM
  • 310 euro per person
single LESSON
  • private lesson
  • 200 euro per hour

Do not postpone your success for later.
Achieve your goals today!

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